Thursday, April 22, 2010


It's 11:57PM and I'll be awake in less than 5 hours to start two weeks of travel. Eeeeeee, as Linus likes to say. This is also my last real blog post until I get back. I won't have true access to the internet during my trip, but I'll try to post here and there, and I'll be taking notes so that I can recap everything when I get back. But how weird is it that after this post, I'll only have 4.5 more days in Bordeaux, and then I pretty much fly home? Unless another volcano erupts, obviously.

This week was really hot, but then drizzly today. I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL. Also, I counted, and of the 29 photos in my Facebook April album, 24 of them involve food. On Tuesday night, our Methodologie professor (who is also a very well-dressed food critic/cannele expert) set up a group dinner for us at a restaurant in Bordeaux. I had mussels and salmon, and they were amazing, obviously.

As soon as everyone had taken their seats, she stood up, grabbed her pack of cigarettes, said something about being truly French as she picked up her glass of wine, then took it with her as she went outside to smoke. So cool. I keep forgetting to learn! When I get back I'm smoking the baby powder cigarettes everyday, because French people always look so cool when they do it.

We have a 7:22 AM TGV to Paris tomorrow. So tomorrow I'll be in Paris! Then eeeearly the next morning we're flying to Rome, then I separate from my friends and meet up with Kayla for London and Edinburgh, yesssss.

It's hard packing to look fabulous for two weeks, though. I have one smalllllll carry-on, and then a small (by normal standards) checked bag, which cost me extra to bring. But it's going to be awesome, so it's okay! I wish I could post pictures as I go, but again, I'm not bringing my computer, so I'll have to make a make-up picture post when I get back to Bordeaux.

Gros bisous!!

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