Sunday, April 18, 2010


So, normally, European airport closures don't really interest me much -- they just aren't something that really holds my interest/AFFECT ME, you know? So it's JUST MY LUCK that the ONE time in my life when I am IN EUROPE, when I might need to, say, fly from Paris to Rome to London to Edinburgh back to Bordeaux, ALL of my airports except Rome are closed indefinitely. Every update on the airport-reopenings have been updated daily. In a way that bodes badly for potential travelers like me. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Here is a handy map with handy information to make things more clear:

ALSO, as if a large, Icelandic ash-spewing volcano weren't a big enough problem for us, a LARGE number of trains in France are currently on strike, and they WON'T back down, even though trains are really people's only option without their airplanes. Except for John Cleese, I guess, who apparently took a 3,000 pound taxi ride from Norway to Belgium this past week when he was stranded. Basically, according to the French news that I was watching t0night over dinner with my host mom, people are stuck evvverywhherrrrrrrreeee.

My friends and I have a 7:22 AM train ride from Bordeaux to Paris this upcoming Friday morning. We're definitely going to take that, and at least spend the night at our hostel there. But our plans after that remain to be seen..........

If Paris-Beauvais doesn't open in time, then we don't get to Rome. And if we don't get to Rome, then I don't get to London. And if I don't get to London, then I definitely don't get to either 1) see Kayla, and 2) go to Edinburgh, all of which is ridiculously distressing. And eventually I have to get back to Bordeaux, but hopefully THAT'S the least of my problems. I don't want to be stranded anywhere, obviously. But, I guess, at LEAST the places where I might get stranded are fun places.............Not like a few weeks ago, when I got a text from my friends who were supposed to be coming back on a train from Barcelona, but who instead needed me to find them a hostel via the internet because the trains had decided to strike and they were stuck just over the French border for the night. No, unless my planes decide to make any unplanned stops, I should at least find things to enjoy wherever I'm stuck. But still, this is nervewracking. At what point do we decide to scrap our original plans and buy train tickets from Bordeaux to Normandy??

At least today it was SEVENTY-ONE DEGREES in Bordeaux. Incroyable. People were wearing shorts! But not me, because I only packed for cold weather. Whoops. It's supposed to rain this week though, so I guess we'll be back to the way things were before anyway. But, at least for today, it was AMAZING outside.

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