Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'm currently running around the house trying to get ready to LEAVE FOR TWO WEEKS. Which I'm only able to do because apparently the volcano is spewing less ash than before.

(7:18AM this morning)

(6:16PM this evening)

(15 minutes ago! (10:16PM))

So YAY FOR TRIP. But sucks to be Helsinki. Oh well.

It's hard to pack for two weeks! I'm not bringing a lot of luggage though, because of RyanAir and EasyJet's baggage restrictions. But who knows what I might want to have with me through Paris/Rome/London/Edinburgh, right? Eeeeeeeee.

Today is April 21. Tomorrow is the LAST DAY OF CLASSES. Oh, and I got DOUBLE the points on my Louis XV oral exam than I had gotten on my last assignment for that class. My little speech on France's wars and its relationship with Espagne definitely wasn't perfect, but the professor told me that I had progressed in the class, which is the point of an immersion program (right??), so I'm very happy (and even happier to never have to take a history class in French again).

I come home in 21 days, which is absolutely nothing. So weird.

I won't have my computer with my on my trip, which is going to be a large challenge unto itself. Which means I'll only be able to blog short, choppy sentences while sitting in an internet cafe trying to hurrrrry. But I promise to take notes so that I can recap when I come back to Bordeaux.

Ahhhhh, see you tomorrow :)

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