Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I'm trying to remember what I did today for this blog, but I can't remember.......hmmm.

I stayed on campus and finished up a LOT of work for Meth(odologie), which was probably a good thing. I thought a lot about how much I don't want to write my Bosch paper. Ooooh, and I decided that I am TERRIFIED of my Louis XV oral exam a week from today.

I decided that I really like the soup that they sell on campus. For one Euro, you get soup and bread -- how cool is that?!

This time next month I'll already be home, which is odd. I'm caught between being really ineffably sad that won't be with my amazing friends anymore after this, and looking forward to an easy life in Burbank, where I won't be expected to be familiar with 17th Century royal documents written in old fashioned French. Except that I'm worried that I'll be really restless during my four-and-a-half month-long summer.

I told my friends from home & sorority sisters that I expect to be driven directly to Yogurtland when I get out of the car from the airport. It will definitely have a bump in revenue in my first month back from Bordeaux! France is definitely missing out on the non-fat yogurt craze. Valerie and I talked today about coming back and opening up a yogurt/burrito place here. We'll be millionaires.

I'm back in the mindset of wanting to speak a lot of French all of the time (but, only with French people). I spent extra time doing so this weekend, what with taking a mini trip with my family, ordering more espressos than usual, making a new French friend. Speaking in French SO MUCH this weekend felt really satisfying for the first time in a long time, which is just my luck because I now have LESS THAN ONE MONTH LEFT. It's definitely true what everyone says: something with the language really DOES click when you're on your way OUT of your study abroad experience.

This is the plan for Spring Break, by the way:

Friday, April 23rd: Paris
Saturday, April 24-27: Rome
April 27-May 2: London with Kayla
May 2-4: Kayla and Amelia go to EDINBURGH
May 5: Amelia flies back to Bordeaux, meets up with friends for Margaritas because it will obviously be Cinco de Mayo. We just have to do some serious research first, because there is nothing close to Mexican food here, so we might be stuck drinking them at our favorite pub, Sweeny Todd. Which will definitely be an experience, so that wouldn't be the end of the world.


  1. i hope you're aware that you having a long summer break means a trip up north to visit me/watch the west wing! ♥

  2. Reason why Amelia should not go to France: They don't celebrate Cinco de Mayo there!

    I just realized how long ago that arguement was being discussed. But I'm still extremely glad that you went and I'm happy that you're currently enjoying your stay. I think it's probably because it's not cold anymore and you get to wear skirts more often.