Thursday, April 15, 2010


We went out with the intention of drinking wine, but I ended up with ale and gelato instead.

The ale was from Sweeney Todd's, and it was definitely the best-tasting alcohol I've ever had. The gelato was from a gelato place on the way from Houses of Parliament (which we left because we couldn't find a table, and also secretly because it's name reminded Katie and I of how much we dislike our Louis XV class) to Sweeney Todd's. Mine was vanilla and cherry-flavored. It was a particular triumph to come across this specific gelato place, because two months ago, on a freezing-cold day where I was exploring Bordeaux's various places, I recall seeing it all boarded up and not yet ready to be serving. But now we know that's open, and late at night! A triumph!

I'm making serious progress on my Bosch paper, and I don't think it's going to be as hard as I thought. And approximately a week from right now, I'll be on an early morning train to Paris to kick off two weeks of European adventures!

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