Monday, April 12, 2010

"Quand t'es un Jet, tu reste un Jet"

Hello all! So, if I were a better blogger, I would have been blogging after each of my adventures with Kayla, but the two of us were running around so much this past weekend that I was too tired each night. So here is a mini recap of our weekend, and I'll upload my pictures to Facebook too.

First of all, Passover had just ended (luckily for her), so France was the perfect place to be. And we definitely took advantage of all of France's pastries and bread products (there was an incident that involved eating an entire baguette within five minutes of buying it). We also definitely drank a lot of espresso. I'm normally not an espresso fan, but Kayla is, and I have to admit, that after drinking about 500% more cups of espresso than I usually do, I can see why people like to sit outside and drink it while reading English literature. Which is what we did, because it was the most BEAUTIFUL weekend that I've experienced so far in Bordeaux, and because Kayla insisted on being outside because she's been cooped up in rainy London this time, and because we both had English lit that we happened to be reading (Jane Eyre for her, North and South for me).
Cafe #1, by the river.

Cafe #2

Cafe #3, back to the river again.

We also ate a lot of amazing salmon sandwiches (salmon in this case is more like lox for us). Now I'm really obsessed and all I want to lox lox lox all the time. There's this amazing formule at this place nearby where for 3Euro90 you get 1) an amazing sandwich 2) a drink 3) a real patisserie ("none of that venoisserie crap" as my friend Valerie described it), a can of soda, and DRINKABLE YOGURT. We went twice this weekend, and we probably would have gone on Sunday but it was closed.

Also, Kayla got to practice her French a lot ("Je voudrais un cafe et un croissant s'il vous plait"), and I was impressed. We also have a new legitimate French drummer friend, and we saw real French music being played in a real French bar, all of which I get to cross off my list now.

On Thursday we saw West Side Story at the Grand Theatre, which was a good enough production. My seat was so high up that it wasn't even in an area considered a balcony, but rather "paradis". But it was either where my seat was located, or the direction was very biased, because the whole time I could pretty much only see what was going on with the Sharks. And I believe I saw Maria's face literally three times throughout the whole show. But the music was amazing, obviously!

On Saturday Joana drove us and Ynel to a castle, which was really fun, even though we got really lost on the way there. Again, I need to stress that my host family is AMAZING. We get along so well. And it was interesting being on the road versus being a pedestrian, because I haven't been in a car for months, since Joana picked me up from the train station my first day in Bordeaux.

Joana, Ynel and Me.

On Sunday Kayla and I hiked up the 231 uneven steps of the Tour Pey Berland, the belltower of St. Andre. It's separate from the Cathedral because the bells' vibrations would ruin the Cathedral otherwise.

Me in front of my cathedral.

The view from the belltower.

Basically, to make a long story short, we ate a LOT, to the point that we were feeling nauseous the last day, enjoyed some AMAZING weather, took in the Bordelaise scenery, took a MILLION PICTURES, and had an awesome time being cousins together in Europe :)

Next time: LONDON :)

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