Saturday, April 17, 2010


I just bought my final train ticket which will lead me away from Bordeaux, for May 10th. Triste.

But, also excited to go home and see all of my people, some of whom I've been talking to on a weekly basis, and some of whom I haven't really spoken to since I left. I haven't technically been gone for so long, but I'm still nervous about whether or not things will jump back into being the same as before.

I was just thinking about how much my French has improved since I've been here. It's obviously not as good as it might be, but because I came in to this program knowing such a miniscule amount of French, I could really only improve. And when I think of all of the French I use here, a LARGE percentage of it is stuff that I didn't even have in my brain before I came. So I am really happy and satisfied with the amount I've learned :)

I need to finish the plupart of my Garden of Earthly Delights paper today. Or else.

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