Thursday, April 1, 2010

lapins chocolats

Today we had kebabs for lunch (there are as many kebab places in France are their are pastry places, it seems. NO JOKE). I'm getting tired of the type of chicken that comes in one (it's a very specific, pretty-good-tasting but not that appealing to look at type of chicken), so today Valerie and I ordered the Feta sandwich. It was definitely weird, but I was impressed. Because these are the type of sandwiches that always come with french fries INSIDE the sandwich, my sandwich was made up of 1)kebab bread, 2) CRUMBLY feta cheese, 3) onions, tomatoes, etc 4) KETCHUP and 5) french fries. It sounds weird, but it's actually a lot better than the chicken option.

Also, I started reading North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell! I like the prose a lot. And I feel productive while I'm reading it, which is a good feeling.

This Sunday is Easter, which means that we have an excuse to sit in the park with a picnic made up of chocolate bunnies and pastel colored (French) macaroons. Yessssssss. Also, the heat is back at my homestay. The last few days were cooooooold.

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