Friday, January 1, 2010

cemetieres et crepes, mmmmm.


Today was really good, because I ate a croissant and bread for breakfast! Then Pascale drove me to Saint Remy, which is another neighborhood. Inside Saint Remy is an old castle (haha, I just accidentally typed "est" instead of "is". Go me for learning French!), which was also made into the first national park in Paris (or....something like that). There was no one there, because it was New Year's Day, EXCEPT for an old man carrying baguettes, no joke.

THEN we took the RER and the Metro into Pere La Chaise cemetery, which I was have been waiting to visit ever since I heard that it existed. Pere La Chaise is big. And cold. But it was really cool, especially the monuments to everything. There's a whole row of monuments dedicated to specific nationalities who died fighting for France, and there are individual monuments for the specific concentration camps. I almost gave up trying to find these, because Pere La Chaise is soo big, and I was soooo cold, but Pascale made us continue looking. It was a good thing, too, because they were probably my favorite part. I put a stone on the Auschwitz memorial. They're interesting because they all have lots of skeletons all over them -- they don't skimp on the imagery.

(me in front of the "Aux Morts" thing, which the living turning into the dead, or something).

(Some of the Concentration Camp memorials)

(Pere La Chaise is very big! Apparently 44 hectares!)

Then we took the Metro to town hall, which was very cool and ornate, and then we ate at my first ever restaurant in Paris! (except that Pascale says I shouldn't really consider it my first restaurant here). I got a crepe with cinnamon and espresso. Tres bien.

Versailles tomorrow.


  1. Amelia!! That sounds so exciting!

    I'm reading your blog! Just wanted to let you know!

  2. Love following you. Never been to Versailles, you go girl. Enjoy it all. Dianne