Wednesday, January 13, 2010

bonnes choses

Dear Etats-Unis,

I like you a lot, obviously, but unfortunately I'm going to have to live in Bordeaux forever because it's too cool here. First of all, they eat more carbohydrates here on a daily basis, and I kind of prefer that. Also, people dress better.

ALSO, you can to walk EVERYTHING that's cool. And there are trams to take you to the things that you can't walk to. Also, the History of Aquitaine Museum here is free for students.

The other thing that's better about Bordeaux is that here, I live within a short walk of a massive, old cathedral. They just don't have those in Southern California. There are other old things nearby too, like monuments and statues that are just lying around, waiting to be looked at. Also, Southern California doesn't have a movie theater within walking distance of my house that plays independent films in their original languages (with subtitles in French) that was converted from an OLD CHURCH. I'm sorry, but you just can't compete with that.

There are definitely things that I don't love about Bordeaux, like my ILP intensive language course. But even today when I gave a badly prepared presentation on the different stages of France's government during the French Revolution, I did a better job than I expected to do. At least, I think that's what my prof said.

Also, they eat a lot of sandwiches here, which is important. And today, there was a puppy running around on the tram. So, USA, when you start having puppies and other things on public transportation, in addition to the other things I've mentioned, then I will consider coming back eventually.



  1. Dearest Amelia:
    HOORAY!! You are GETTING IT about Europe! I LOVED your latest Blog entry -- it says EVERYTHING about what is so wonderful about the rest of the world. But wait until you get sick to discover the ultimate thing that's better than the good ol' US of A -- the HEALTH CARE. It's completely FREE! And -- it's every bit as good as ours -- at least. Love you!
    Oncle Ric

  2. maybe when you go to the art movie house and they are actually laughing out loud at old jerry lewis FILMS, you will reconsider.