Thursday, January 21, 2010

billets de train

I just bought my ticket for my first excursion out of Bordeaux! It's one of my friends birthdays next weekend, so six of us our going to Lourdes for two nights. Everything was cheap (errr, cheap for me, because I don't actually see my credit card bills). I bought my 12-25 card (that's literally what it's called) for 49 Euro, which gives me between 30 & 60% off train tickets that start in France (cool, huh?).

The tickets to Lourdes were 15 euro each way, and my friend found an apartment-style hotel that sleeps six, which is costing me 20 euro (but that's for two nights, so that's good).

I figure, it's cheaper than going almost anywhere else, and it's not too far away (2.5 hours), so it will be a good first-travel-in-Europe experience.

I'm really excited to go, because I like Catholic things sometimes. EXCEPT that on Trip Advisor, the #1 thing to do was, obviously, the Saint Bernadette stuff, which also happened to be listed as the ONLY thing to do there. My host mom told me that's it's only fun for people who are very religious. I'm not very religious OR very Catholic, soooo.........I don't know if that's a bad sign, but I figure, we'll all be together, so we'll have fun one way or an other.

Also, I want a shirt that says "I went to Lourdes and all I got was this stupid t-shirt".

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  1. If they don't sell a shirt like that I hope you will make a really great one.