Thursday, December 31, 2009

je suis la!

I'm in Paris!

My flights were unreasonably easy. I slept for all of my Dallas flight, and then for the majority of my flight from Dallas to Paris (even though those 9 hours were actually the middle of the day for me). The worst part was the 4+ hours between flights, but even that wasn't the end of the world.

I'm pretty sure that someone somewhere forgot that the plane into Paris was full of foreigners, though, because I didn't have to fill out anything, OR go through any type of customs. And I'm pretty sure that the passport guy didn't check my Visa, either. But I'm here, so that's what important.

Pascale met me at the airport, and we took a train to her apartment. Now I'm about to watch Harry Potter en francais, while trying haaard to stay awake (it's only 2:45PM right now). On the plane, I technically slept through the French night, and "woke" up at a normal morning hour, so I can't even imagine how tired I would have been if I hadn't been able to sleep on the plane.

a bientot!

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  1. Post more! I have checked about 50 times today!