Saturday, February 20, 2010

l'histoire de bordeaux

It was beautiful out (il faisit beau!) for two days in a row here, and I think everyone was in a better mood because of it.

Us Americans don't like to have class on Friday, so yesterday was spent doing history-related things.

This is us outside of the Centre Jean Moulin, which is directly across from Cathedral Saint Andre located conveniently downtown. Valerie and I are kind of his.

Then, we met up with our friend Jasmine. We walked around for a while and eventually ended up near the river, at the National Customs Museum. Apparently, France takes smuggling seriously.

Then, on my way home, instead of walking down my normal street, I decided to walk down the street that is almost parallel to it, so that I could take a picture of THIS:

This little Roman Amphitheatre is LITERALLY 3 minutes from my house, and it's pretty cool.

In unrelated news, I'm on a massive search for more striped shirts. The stereotype that French people wear stripes all the time definitely has a strong basis in reality, and I absolutely need to own many of these shirts. It kind of kills me when I see people at school wearing them, because I don't have enough. I did get one that I like a lot for Christmas (thanks Mom!), but both my mom and my brotherboth told me that I look like a an escaped convict when I wear it, because the stripes are thick instead of thin. I found another nice one for very cheap at H&M, which I absolutely adore and wear often, but it's an extra-long tank top, and what I really want is one with three-quarter-length sleeves, preferably in dark blue or black with thin white stripes. I'm on a mission. I feel like adopting the the habit of only wearing stripes is a good compromise for my original plan to assimilate (learning how to ride a bike through the crowded streets with one hand while smoking), which my friends vetoed right away.

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