Wednesday, February 24, 2010

il fait chaud!

IT WAS 61 DEGREES HERE TODAY. And I don't know what the temperature was yesterday, but I was definitely sweating as I walked down Rue Saint Catherine (where I found my stripes!!!).

Anyway, this is good news (except not the sweating part).

I still can't exactly figure out a straight answer to when I will be done with finals.

Day trip to Sarlat (in Dordogne) on Saturday. YAY. I love Day Trips. Hostels/Hotels are SUCH an ordeal, considering anywhere we can afford to stay is at LEAST a 30 minute walk from the center of whatever town we're in (and these walks have tended to involve construction sites and busy traffic).

SO YAY. ALSO, I took my first test in France today! And can I just say that it's a good thing I don't get worked up about receiving passing grades all of the time? :)


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