Tuesday, February 23, 2010

histoire de l'art

I think I just decided that I'm not going to finish my Art History minor.

If I try to finish it, then I have practically no leeway in my last three quarters, so if something goes wrong (i.e. if more than one) class isn't offered the quarter that I need it, it will be a major problem. And while I could attempt to finish it, and not feel bad if I have to stop, it means I would have to take a certain class Fall quarter that I don't want to take, which will ONLY be useful if I keep the minor. So if I take this class, and then decide the next quarter that I'm dropping the minor, that will be a whole 4 units of my life that I wasted.

Also, I think that I decided that Art History in general might not be for me. My interests are extremely narrow: the one class that I have completed (Baroque Rome) is pretty much one of the ONLY areas in Art History that I think I'll be able to sit through -- and because I've already taken it, anything sort of like this isn't going to count. I think the history of art is AMAZING, and especially because I love history....but honestly, I just don't think that I can sit through classes on art that doesn't interest me, as (something...I can't think of the right adjective here) as that sounds. I'm taking a European Renaissance art class here (which I don't regret at all, because the professor is nice and it will be easy, I think), but I'm even finding Italian Renaissance art not that interesting compared to Baroque stuff. So This is probably for the best.

SO YAY FOR DECISIONS. All but one of my History classes have at UCI have been AMAZING, so I feel like this way I'll really be able to take advantage of the amazing History department, and learn as much as humanely possible about subjects that I like during my last year at school. These means that I'll also be able to take more French classes, and any other fun (i.e. Shakespeare) classes that I wouldn't have been able to take otherwise. And this means that I'll probably have room to take the Art History classes that I want to take, too.

ALSO: I'm still waiting for two of my professors here to confirm my final exam schedule, but it seems likely that I'll be back in the states by mid-May, which makes me happy :)

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