Friday, March 5, 2010

Colin Firth

Okay, so I obviously decided to cancel my day trip to Paris, because I wouldn't be typing this right now if I was currently on the TGV headed in that direction. We decided to save our money for when there wasn't a good chance that it would rain (or snow?) today.

I had a quick meeting with the professor who teaches the Methodologie class (the one that I was miserable in and that I wanted to drop earlier) yesterday. She graded two of my most recent assignments in front of me. My explication of some lines from Cyrano got a few "tres tres biens!", and I got a 17/20 on that one, which is kind of AMAZING. And I got a 15/20 on my attempt at putting the first part of my dissertation outline into paragraph form, and she told me that she could tell that the vocab book she told me to buy was helping, and that I was getting better. SO YAY.

A bunch of us (the girls, because we all have a mutual love of Colin Firth) are going to see the cheap show of A Single Man today, and then probably eat Thai food. Fridays without class are so important.

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