Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Today, I was walking on Rue Saint Catherine and listening to Bright Eyes (which I found in my iTunes and OHMYGOD do I love I'm Wide Awake It's Morning) after school. I found another visibility-reduced ticket to West Side Story for when my cousin Kayla comes in April, AND I found some more striped at H&M (which I didn't buy this time. But I did try them on). Anyway, it was already a successful day because of all of these things, and then I realized that I could stop wearing my scarf, and life would STILL BE OKAY. Today is a landmark. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, but I got to not-be-covered-up for 15 minutes while being outside, so this is a very big deal for me.

The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend, so two of my friends and I are going to Paris for the day! We're going (at least, I'm going, I can't speak for the other two) AND returning on Friday in order to 1) See the sights without having to deal with the mess that is hotels/hostels, and 2) to spite all of our friends who say that a one-day trip to Paris will be miserable.

I was in Paris before I got to Bordeaux, obviously, but this will be good because I was only in the city city for half a day then, and I was alone, so this trip will be a new Paris experience. I'll be bringing as much food with me as I can. No more 10 dollar cappuccinos for me (although, that seriously was an emergency and my only option at the time).

Also, yesterday, one of my friends took us to look at a pet shop near her house, because there was supposed to be piglet (!!!) there, and we wanted to see. The pig wasn't there anymore, but there WERE squirrels that did backflips in order to impresses us. So that was awesome.

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