Friday, May 7, 2010

je reviens (again)

I'm back to Bordeaux! And, even though I felt a little miserable and very panicky, I have to admit that unlike the events of a few weeks ago when people were truly stranded, this new little cloud of ash wasn't actually so bad. Of anywhere I could have been stuck in the same circumstances, Edinburgh was 100% easy.

It's a story for another time, but basically, after one taxi ride at 3am, one plane ride, one long bus ride, one Paris Metro ride (followed by an additional Paris metro ride because I had mistakenly gone to Gare du Nord instead of Montparnasse), one train ride, one tram ride, and one short walk, I made it back to Rue Naujac at 6 pm, where Joana and Ynel were happy to see me.

I have so much to say about these past two epic weeks in my life, but I want to take the time to really write it out well, and as these next two days will be full of packing and running around trying eat as many bordelaise pastries as possible, this isn't the time to write it out officially :/

But I think when I get home, I'll post a long, detailed account of my adventures, which will make for better reading than anything I try to write tonight.

I leave Bordeaux MONDAY, eek.

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